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A demonic drawing action game
by Taylor Morris
for Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam, April 2015


Click and hold the mouse to draw lines between checkpoint circles, making sure to draw a clear slice all the way through all circles.
Select the right color and string together a series of checkpoints to complete a stroke of the sigil.
You will then get a new color to switch to and the next stroke.
Complete all strokes to seal the sigil and command the demon.
Select a new sigil with the mouse or keyboard and start your work anew.
Draw all sigils flawlessly for top scores.

Quickie Post-Mortem

Decided to make something like a "real wizard" game and though the theme changed a few times, I knew I wanted to make a drawing action game.

In the end, I stuck close to the original ideas of drawing out demon sigils and added in some sound and graphics that felt like they fit the atmosphere.

The drawing system design could have been better designed up front but this was pretty experimental territory so I am very happy having learned a bunch and explored some uncommon/unusual design spaces.

mouse - draw, change color
directional keys - menu selections, choose the next sigil (mouse works for this too)
enter - main menu options (mouse works for this too)

Install instructions

web and pc builds coming soon!!!!

applying final touches + slow ass country internet


Johanns_Baton_windows.zip 35 MB
Johanns_Baton_mac.zip 33 MB