A downloadable game for Windows


Action-arcade racing game, use your wizard powers to go real fast, catch sick air, and pull wicked tricks.


Every winter for Christmas, Hogwarts shuts down - students by and large return home, and the halls of the school are filled with naught but quietude and the silent movement of ghosts through the rafters. This year is different, however. Albus Dumbledore, world-renowned wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts, has decided to take advantage of the school's empty state to construct the sickest skate course known to muggle or wizard. Help Dumbledore build the best possible course so that he can cut the ice like a pro, taking advantage of unique Hogwarts features such as moving staircases, hidden passages and even the resident house-elves!


Dinosaursssssss - Production, Particles
Chasterson - Programming
N1njasquirrel - Programming
lordhuffnpuff - Design
SuperBiasedMan - Art
coods - Music, Sound Effects
elvaq - Production, Design, Programming
defaulttidus - Programming
Problem_machine - Art

Install instructions

up/down - change lane

z - skate

x - turbo

c - jump

v - trick

b - build ramp


WinterWizardProSkater_windows.zip 17 MB